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IC Star .. Fulfill your dream

8 February, 2021

An international competition to discover artistic talents ... for young people from all around the world.

The Canadian institution (I Channel TV Network) will launch the first season of IC star international competition for artistic talents on its website,

The competition aims to discover young talents in the fields of singing, acting, music, comedy (i.e., stand-up comedy), and other artistic talents.

The competition targets young people ages 14 to 35, men and women from all around the world. Including and not limited to Middle Eastern countries, Europe, north and south America, and all talented individuals from all around the world.

Competition Stages:

-There are three stages to the competition. The first one is the submission and registration through the competition’s official platform: During this stage, each contestant will be able to get votes from the audience through our website; everyone is welcomed to vote. At the end of the first stage, Judges will select the best 33 candidates. These candidates will be able to move on to the second stage.

-During the second stage, the ICTV Foundation and the Judges will meet the 33 candidates in the place that the competition will take. The location is expected to be in one of these countries: Lebanon, Tunisia, or Turkey.

-During the third stage, the 33 constants will showcase their talents, and the judges will select the top 3 most talented participants. This will be done through 8 filtering episodes that are filmed and aired during the month of Ramadan InshAllah.


Multiple stars will be joining us in judging the contestants. They are the Macedonian star Masoud Curtis, the Kuwaiti artist Hammoud Al-Khidr, the Indian artist Najm Shiraz, and the British artist Salwa Shiraz. The competition will be presented and hosted by the American actor and comedian Omar Reagan.

Awards and Winners

The IC Star competition aims to discover unique and new talents to introduce them to the world. Therefore, the top three talents (winners) will win valuable financial prizes. They are also be entitled to a production contract, each according to their artistic talent. The rest of the participants will also have different opportunities to participate and win in future competitions. They will also have the chance to engage with multiple celebrities and producers.


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